Mermeras Shell Columns
Shell column is a distinguished, valuable and 100% natural stone product.

Shell Column Technology
Marble is a valuable construction stone. Nowadays the marble is sold with high prices due to the cost of energy and time spent for the extraction of raw material and the waste percentages of unhomogeneous raw material.

Marble shell column is an incredible new material for architectures and construction industry and a sign of prestige and durability for end users.

Shell columns are much more economic due to low waste percentages obtained during production as compared to classical columns produces with a turning lathe.

Technical Information
The shell columns are fixed to load bearing concrete columns or to circular walls via appropriate anchorages. With this product being more durable to similar building materials it is possible to cover all circular areas in any diameter and size. We produce the shell columns made of marble or granite in gloss or honed finish and asamble in place.

Areas Used
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