Mermeras Marble Rugs
Marble Rugs being a distinguished, valuable and 100% natural stone products is available for the proffessionals of stone industry. This product is an important and new product for architectural and industrial applications. The water jet technology used in the production of marble rugs has several advantages over the traditional cutting methods where it is difficult to cut thick materials.  Water jet is a more advanced and superior technology as compared to plasma cutting, laser cutting and routing applications. It is possible to obtain very detailed cuttings where other cutting methods fails and has several advantages beyond cost factor. Since the water jet technology uses computer aided design it is possible to  cut the material in same dimensions for repetitive productions where as this is not possible for other cutting methods.

How The System Works?
Customer delivers the drawing, print or file to Mermeras. We transfer the delivered information to a digital media and the water jet cutting machine is programmed accordingly. Marbles of different color are cut in water jet machines based on the  Marble Rug designs of the project and these pieces are assembled together as per project details.

Water jet cutting is an environmentally friendly technology. There is no dust, piece or chemical waste during this production. Technology and art comes together in the “Marble Rugs” concept of Mermeras and different designs where marble and granite is used are produced with the sensitivity of embroidery work.

Areas Used
>>Shopping Centers
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