Mermeras Packing
We pay special attention to the packaging of products. Since the stone products are heavy and easily breakable during delivery and production the good and strong packing is highly required to ensure safe arrival of our products to the final destination. All packing is designed by a Professional team taking into account the properties of different stone products and the delivery conditions.

We can summarize some packing details as follows:
  >> Tiles
  >> Wooden Crates
  >> Wooden Pallets
  >> All with foam separators
  >> One crate takes 18 square meters
  >> One 20 feet container takes 24 crates
  >> Slabs
  >> Packed in A form
  >> Bundled with a wooden belt for fixing in a container
  >> One 20 feet container takes about 400 square meters
  >> Blocks
  >> On deck
  >> General cargo
  >> Bulk
  >> In an open box container that takes 21 metric tons