MERMERAS Mining Industry Construction Ltd. was founded for the coordination of natural stone production, trade and application between its affiliated companies.

Our group companies are experienced in quarrying, production, export, internal trade, and application services since 1994.

The professionalism of our team of Experts & Technicians is complemented by sophisticated machinery used at our quarries & factories.

MERMERAS is committed to the highest standards of conduct. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most professional and reliable services and distinct production.

We take all the necessary steps in order to supply our customers the products they need with the finest quality, and with the best workmanship. We believe that we are a distinctive company with an innovative approach to each Project that we handle. MERMERAS has a custom design approach to each Project since we believe that every piece of stone is different so does each and every customer.

The main principle of our company is customer satisfaction. We are aware that to in order to achieve customer satisfaction, correct determination of customer requirements, suitable quotations and supplying products on time without any faults is a must.

Our employees present their best effort and self-sacrifise in order to keep our organization as one of the most reliable and respectful companies of its sector.

Each and every pieces of stone is inspected at the "Total Quality Control" and the "Continuous Selection Process" in every step of the production in our plants in Istanbul, Burdur and Afyon. We check the selection and the quality of the products in our Istanbul warehouse facilities for the second time to ensure that the quality of our products are produced as per our clients specifications. We design the packaging, the labels, and the wooden crates ergonomically correct, physically sound and aesthetically beautiful