Mermeras offers an array of diversified natural stone products and services.  As a producer, importer and wholesaler of marble, granite, travertine and limestone slabs and tiles, we offer the ability to inventory a large variety of stone products at our facilities in Turkey.  Our services include the following

Mermeras is the direct dealer of various natural stones and has an experience built up in several years.  Over the years we have established close relationships with many quarries enabling us to choose only those that are capable of meeting our client`s unique requirements.  Our distribution center is located in ?stanbul, Turkey.

Our production facilities are equipped with the latest technology which gives Mermeras a competitive edge in the stone industry.

Our fabrication division is equipped with advanced technology in machinery to ensure the highest standards of quality and precision.  We offer complete technical support including estimating and AutoCAD drawing in order to assist our clients in their needs.Our unique capability of in-house fabrication and warehousing ensures the highest level of response to variable field conditions and design modifications.  As our client`s stone fabrication needs can be met in-house, their projects are further assured of prompt delivery and enhanced project support.

The architectural group of Mermeras, designs the marble, travertine and marble rug application alternatives for your projects with the suitable software. Based on the customer requirements we prepare 2 or 3 dimentional  views of application projects. Following the confirmation of application projects, shop drawings and the cutting lists are prepared. Each stone is given a special code based on the project details. These coding helps to avoid color variations during the production stage and makes the life easier during the installations.

Our water-jet department specializes in precision cutting using a combination of intense water pressure mixed with garnet abrasive providing excellent edge quality without thermal distortion.  This machine is computer driven and can cut any design that can be drawn into a computer format.

Applications are realized either by installation team in our organization or with experienced subcontractors under the control of our architectural team. As a stone and tile installation subcontractor, Mermeras understands the crucial nature of substrate preparation. The products are mechanically fixed to substrata with the help of  proper fixtures taking into consideration the  costruction security.  In many situations the use of stone would be problematic, but our experience  guarantees the success of our installations.

Our commercial sales department has been involved in numerous projects including private villas, office buildings, hotels, mid and high-rise condominium buildings and other types of buildings in Turkey and neighboring countries.